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Red Ribbon Week Monday, 10/24 to Friday, 10/28

Monday, 10/24
"You only live once, so go to college!" Students wear their favorite college's shirt to school.

Tuesday, 10/25
"You only live once, so dress for success!" Wear a tie to school.

Wednesday, 10/26
"Drugs aren't part of our future." Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up.

Thursday, 10/27
"You only live once, don't be tutu crazy."
Students wear crazy socks and/or TuTu's to school.

Friday, 10/28
"You only live once, stand together against drugs!"
Grab a friend and dress alike to school that day.
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Community Service project

We are helping a senior at West, Justin Apostolo, with a community service project. He is asking us to collect packages of pens and pencils for a community-wide school supply drive.
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